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Well, AuroraWasteland.com is a web site with on map… I know it sounds exciting. But listen there is more.

The Aurora Wasteland itself is a fictional county filled with strange, weird, unbelievable, paranormal and horrific thing that could possibly cause you to wet the bed. We are talking chronic bed wetting, like have to see your doctor about it bed wetting. Well, that might be setting the bar to high.

Lets try this again. The Aurora Wasteland is a fictional county with some cool stuff in it that will make you say hey there was some cool stuff in there. Thats better. Anyways, It doesn’t follow any boarders, state, or province lines. It jumps from country to county, province to state, and county to county. And best of all it’s created by me! Vaughn Ashby. The Aurora Wasteland is home to my writing, characters, daydreams, nightmares and inappropriate thoughts. With all that out of the way.

Welcome to the Aurora Wasteland !
(queue the Jurassic Park music)

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