The Top 5 Floors of the Potomac Tower

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In 2014 the Potomac Tower in Vancouver, BC was slated to be completed. Construction finished four months after the scheduled completion date because of fog & rain delays during the construction period. Vancouver is often subject to extended periods of rain and fog, and while construction crews are accustomed to these conditions, the height of the building lead to more severe conditions then was expected.

Buildings are often hidden from spectators and the public during construction, the rain and fog provided a natural cover for the upper 5 levels. Finally, two weeks after the completion date of the building and to the surprise of many of the public the top five floors were missing.

No files or information has been located as to how this happened. Nor has there been any details about the investigation into how and why this happened.

The construction company claimed to have finished work and received architectural sign off. Though the owner of the building claims the top many floors were never supposed to be completed as it was part of the architectural design. It’s unknown whether the floors had been rented out as this was commercial space, luckily not residential.

The construction company appears to have closed down business.

The employees who worked on the project have since scattered and none were available for comment, the owner of the building is also not available for comment.

After the opening, the building remained vacant for months as people were reluctant to move in based on the missing top floors.

The building since been torn down and the lot remains vacant.

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Posted: April 4, 2017


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