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Blue River is a small community in British Columbia, situated on British Columbia Highway 5 about halfway between Kamloops and Jasper, Alberta, located at the confluence of the Blue and North Thompson Rivers.

The town of Blue River remains one of the only stops for food and services for drivers on the long car ride. The town and it’s population are small, but it is home to Fred’s Burgers. The unofficial cultural landmark has been there decades, serving burgers and fries to those who pass.

It should be noted there is no actual Fred.

The owners of the diner sited on multiple occasions a creature stalking outside the building late at night.

The creature is often described as human shaped but larger and hairy. The person or creature or whatever it is does nothing more then walk around the building a couple times making grunting noises.

Police reports suggest it to be either an ex-spouse or lover of a former employee who used to work there.

Six locals have filed reports with the police and dozens of travellers have also reported it.

With no fatalities, the Blue River Fred’s Burgers “big hairy man creature” (as it is is known locally) remains unknown.

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Posted: April 4, 2017


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