The Sound of Whales in the Corn

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The Edmonton Corn Maze is a popular attraction west of Edmonton, Alberta. It is a giant maze cut into a field of corn approximately 15 acres (61,000 m2). It is open from August to October annually and is themed around a local event or attraction.

In January 2012 a Corn Maze employee who was there doing off season maintenance reported hearing a strange sound that lasted almost a whole minute. He reported that the sound was that of whales or rather a single whale stretched out to the length of at least a minute. He said it become hard to tell how much time had pasted once he noticed it.

In Aug 2013 the sound was heard again, this time by over a hundred people who were visiting the maze. Their description of the sound matched that of the employee from the year before.

The sound has never been recorded or reproduced.

The source has never been located. Homes located close to the corn maze also reported the sound on both dates. But the volume they describe it as was significantly less.

The amplitude of the sound is just short of deafening at the corn maze location. The employee noted that it seemed to clear his mind so completely that it became hard to think.

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Posted: March 27, 2017


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