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Located just north of Edmonton, the Sturgeon Community Hospital is a 167-bed hospital that provides a wide variety of health services to the community of St. Albert and surrounding area.

In 2008 a security guard watched through security cameras as something walked through a hospital wall and up to a patient’s bed. It climbed up on the bed and sat on the end looking at the patient.

The guard alerted near by security, when they arrived to the room nothing was there. No trace of the visitor.

The security guard watched on his screen as the guards entered the room. The figure sat there on the bed, the guards ignored it. They claimed after that they couldn’t see it.

The figure stayed for almost ten minutes. The security guard watching the cameras sent the other guards back in three times, nothing was found.

The security guard who watched through the cameras quit the next day.

The patient was from a near by prison, he was in for day surgery.

After the visitor left the patient entered a comma that lasted five days. There was no medical reason for it. He was simply in for an adenoidectomy.

Upon waking the patient claimed to remember having a long conversation with someone he didn’t know.

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Posted: March 27, 2017


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