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Alberta Beach is a small summer village that sits just off the shore of Lac Set Anne. A popular day trip location for people around central Alberta. Boats of all sizes can be found here, but in 2002 a boat slightly larger showed up.

As far as record books go The M.S. Lady Peace never made port anywhere, it was never crewed and was never built.

Residents of the small Alberta town reported seeing the ship making its way around the lake early one morning. The cruise ship never tried to dock but rather circled the lake then sat motionless near the village for the rest of the day.

The appearance of the M.S. Lady Peace lasted only a day, the next morning the boat was gone and life in the small town returned to normal.

There was no attempt to board the cruise ship.

It should be noted that all plant life in the lake died soon after the boats arrival, leading to a substantial lose of marine life. Plant life returned to normal the following year.

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Posted: March 27, 2017


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