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Cadomin Cave is located within Leyland Mountain at an elevation of 1890m, and was formed within the thickly bedded limestones of the Palliser Formation. The cave consists of an upper series of spacious phreatic and keyhole-type passages underlain by somewhat smaller passages connected by tight crawlways. There is only one known entrance.

In 1997 a group of ten school kids along with two teachers from Lorne Jenken High School made their annual school trip to the Cadomin Caves. On the second day of their trip a lone student and a teacher became separated from the group.

The student and the teacher had stopped to apply first aid to the student (scraped knee), upon completion they found that the group had gone on without them. In trying to catch up to the group they became lost in the Cave, unable to find the group they tried to make their way to the cave opening. On their way they reported hearing a voice, at first they believed it to be students from the group, but later found the voice to be giving them bad advice and directions. They quickened their pace and were able to find the exit to the cave.

The larger group made there way to the Cave opening upon determining they were missing the student and the teacher. They sat at the entrance for hours waiting, they reported no voices or sounds coming from the Cave.

After some time, they noticed a something was watching them from the near by woods. When the creature came closer, they ran. The creature gave chase. The students and teach all escaped to their van which was parked nearby. This is where the missing student and teacher soon found them.

Both groups believed at first that the other was playing a joke on them. Neither was, and so that was the last year the school made their annual trip to the caves.

Other groups have reported both the voice and the creature, but this is the only case of a group encountering both. It’s unclear if the two are connected.
No description has been given for the creature.

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Posted: March 27, 2017


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